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Today, i finally manage to update my journal...

Have a lot of school works and too much plans (=_=") I'm trying to update for the past few months but i can't

I'm trying to post my arts if i can...

" The distorted shadow, tainted by twilight
the fireworks i watched with you, i like that a lot
in a busy city, amidst the sea of people
your hands as you hold my shirt tight to not get separated
usually the things that i can speak casually
i wonder why i can hardly let the words out
our present moment, so as not to let them blown by the wind
i grabbed that hand of yours, the thing i can be sure the most
this is no way a paradise, it's just another scene of the day
nevertheless, just having you here is already enough
it's not like this world can't go on when i'm gone
but at the least, i know you would cry for me
this is not heaven, it's nightfall in summer
i never thought i can like someone this much
not until i met you" - Little Summer
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Submitted on
December 22, 2012